It had to happen

My work schedule this year is a bit discombobulated to say the least.  Working in a school on a 1 to 5 day schedule that shifts with vacations and snow days means no two weeks are the same.  Add in a monthly “research week” that puts me in one building or the other all day instead of switching halfway through, still on the 1-5 schedule, and you have my work world.  Confused yet?  No?  Remember the “research week” can begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday.  Now I see the glaze in your eyes!

I’ve done pretty well with it, I print out a schedule every time my 1-5 week begins and check it before I leave for the day so I know where I am going the next.  I have turned the wrong way several mornings and taken the round about way to work, understanding this could happen to anyone.  I did walk into the elementary building and look at the wrong day on my schedule once, giving myself a mini heart attack because I thought I was in the wrong place.  Then I looked at the date.

The worst are the dreams where I actually end up in the wrong place.  Yesterday the dreams became reality.  I walked into the elementary library and the head librarian was standing there.  A short conversation ensued, me slightly perplexed with understanding slowly dawning on me as she reminded me the research cycled started on a Day 2, and had one last day to it.  I looked at her finally and said, “I’m in the wrong building.”  Nothing like stating the obvious.

What do you do?  If you are me, you shrug, smile, and say, “It was bound to happen.  I made it all the way to June before it did!”  You then turn around, walk back to your car, and drive to the high school building where the big kids are waiting for you.  What’s that line, “If I don’t laugh I will cry”?  That’s me this year.  I laugh a lot, I hear it burns the most calories.  I should be model thin at this point, but I think the chocolate is winning.


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