There are no ties in Baseball – yeah, right.

I feel like I’ve been gone forever, but the last two weeks have barely given me time to breathe.  It has been crazy around here with the baseball schedule all backed up and continuous rain making a mess of the fields.  Even one of JMumbo’s games was called because of rain.  Of course they were dumping dirt on homeplate and the pitcher’s mound in an attempt to curb the puddles that were forming.  We did finish the game on Saturday, a gorgeous day of sunshine where I proceeded to get burned, but the warmth was worth it.  The only downside was we played 7 innings.  Little League normally only plays 6, but the people in charge felt that the tie between two of the home town teams wasn’t good enough and we should keep playing.  Needless to say, none of them were the moms who knew that no matter what the boys said, they were done.  The 7th inning was exciting, full of kids doing what looked like an “I have to pee” dance on second, sharing jokes with the kids on base, and JMumbo pirouetting on 3rd when he was supposed to be getting ready to run home.  No mom was surprised by this behavior.

The game finally ended with the other team ahead by one run.  Did the boys seem to care?  Not much.  The normal jostling and giggling accompanied the lining up to slap each others hands and chant “good game”, and then they descended on Coach who had boxes of popsicles.  Cause it really is all about the popsicles on a hot day.  Would they have done the same thing if it ended in a tie?  Probably, because the majority of the boys don’t really care, it’s the adults who do.  The adults who are re-living their glory days through their kids.

All Star try outs were the next day and I am a bad mom because I was rooting for my son not to make the team.  I was crestfallen to discover only 13 kids at tryouts.  It meant that my wish was probably not going to come true.  I hadn’t even wanted JMumbo to try out, he signed himself up in the heat of the moment.  So why did I want him cut?  Because I knew that in less than 24 hours he would forget about playing All Stars and be on to the next thing summer had to offer.  Yesterday morning at breakfast?   JMumbo started a sentence with, “when baseball is over…”  He had moved on.


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