The Best Kind of High School Drama

In the last three weeks I have attended 3 different drama productions.  All were high school musicals or plays and I enjoyed each for different reasons.  I dragged a group along with me each time and it has made me smile thinking about the fun we had, even when I was listening to the other kind of high school drama at my job and combing my hair up into a crazed rooster comb.

Last summer our church’s youth group went on a mission trip.  The difference in how the kids interacted as a result of the trip was evident from this before and after photo:

Before and AfterBecause they are spread across five different schools and a majority of them involved in the arts, we were able to fill the month with drama by attending all the performances.  The first was Grease and one of our kids was the percussionist in the pit band.  He had a solo during Hand Jive and we filled two auditorium rows as we cheered the whole cast on.  The set was incredible, spelling out the word GREASE with each letter turning into another setting for the story.  Inventive and fun, it made me want to recruit their designers.grease

Our school’s straight play was next and close to ten were able to make it to the Saturday night show.  They sat up front and laughed at the jokes and gags (even the impromptu add ins by our kids), loved and understood the Steampunk theme, then chatted with all of them afterwards.  The prodigal daughter introduced the show and worked backstage while JMumbo made 3 costume changes and tried not to grin while being robbed.


Thursday we filled two cars with kids and met another family at the last show.  The Wizard of Oz was up and we were ready to follow the yellow brick road with a whole bunch of our favorite people.  The Wicked Witch stole the show (she was a very talented young man who nailed the part), Toto had his own personal wrangler, Dorothy sang like Judy Garland, I wanted to squeeze the Lion, and the Tin Man tapped his way into our hearts, while the special effects lady rocked our worlds incorporating cool video of the great and powerful Oz.  But one of our favorite guys was the Scarecrow and he stumbled and bumbled his way through, a perfect mix of physical wobbles and spectacular singing.  Once again a reunion commenced in the lobby and more kids made connections.  One of my favorite friendships was captured:

Mary and CamiThe prodigal daughter and her friend, two girls who knew very little about each other before last year, but act like they have been together forever.

This is the kind of teenage drama I love.




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