Learning a Foreign Language

Conversation on the way home one day with JMumbo:


JMumbo:  Mom, I don’t want to take French or Spanish, I want to learn a different language.

My thoughts: Oh no, we only offer Spanish at our school, what am I going to do?

What I said:  Really?  What language do you want to learn?

JMumbo:  I want to learn English.

Long pause as I process this wondering where the wires crossed.

Me:  Bud, you already speak English.

JMumbo:  No, what they speak in England.  That English.

Gotta love JMumbo.  Do you think he wants to learn to insert “bloody” and “bangers and mash” into his vocabulary?  Or just talk with a cool accent like the prodigal daughter does when she practices for when she marries a British lord?


2 thoughts on “Learning a Foreign Language

  1. You can make Siri sound like a British guy, so he can practice by listening to Siri!! It rocks! Siri is now my British boy-toy!! 🙂

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