Teenage meltdown #3859

The movie The Hunger Games came out at midnight last night.  The prodigal daughter has been counting down to this moment for about 3 months.  Her room is full of homemade posters, her ipod has every movie poster/screen shot she could find downloaded, and we have been treated to in-depth analysis of actor choices.

Before you ask, yes we have both read the books.  Multiple times.  And loved them.  They are that well written.

I, being a brain dead mom, told the prodigal daughter I would transport a group of them to see the movie today.  She immediately invited seven friends.  Which is great, but the Acadia only holds eight and she casually informed me that one mom was going also.  When I learned how to add, that equaled nine, one too many for the vehicle to fit.  In prodigal daughter world that means you just cram one more girl in and talk about how squished you are the whole ride to the theater.

When I left for work yesterday morning, this was the plan.  When I got off the scholastic team bus at 6:55pm after a meet, it all fell apart.  I called Coach to alert him I would pick up the kids from practice and he gave me a heads up.  There had been a meltdown at dinner.  Someone shared with the prodigal daughter that all the tickets were sold out.  All of them.  For the whole week.  A massive, tear-filled meltdown unfolded.  The ONLY reason she had gone to school this week was because of the movie field trip.  Apparently I missed the institution of “optional schooling depending on social activities” in our house.  I think she confused her life with Katniss’, the main character in the book.

I saw no evidence of this meltdown when I picked her up.  She seemed pretty upbeat and chipper.  Then JMumbo decided a stage whispered, “She had a meltdown at dinner” was appropriate.  Way to read the situation JMumbo!  Evil daughter surfaced and began to growl.  I exerted my powers as the Supreme Decision Maker of the Universe and shut down all conversation regarding the movie until we arrived at the house and could call the theater.

One phone call later, I discovered that not only were the tickets not sold out, there were plenty for the show time we chose.  The young lady I spoke to suggested we arrive a half hour early to make sure we could sit together, but didn’t see a problem with ticket supply.  Several phone calls and texts later, everyone was set, I had a passel of girls headed to the house after school to create puffy paint “Team Peeta” and “Team Gale” t-shirts, because they are girls and all of them are rooting for Katniss.








Meltdown controlled, but somehow I still ended up alone in the car with a bunch of teenage girls.


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