A bit of auld lang syne

I had some visitors this afternoon.  Some were older, but two were younger, pre-school age.  The youngest had little interest in anything but Daddy and his pacifier, with a short lived excursion to the porch steps to work on going down.

It was the little girl that captured my attention and made me remember when the prodigal daughter was little.  She picked me flowers and we put some in a mason jar for her to take home.  She picked her daddy some dead flower heads, which the entire group “oohed” and “aahed” over.

Then she found the puddles.

Hopping to create a glorious splash.  Check out the ponytail flying.

Stomping a splash into existence.

Hey, what’s this?

I’d better run through the deep part.

Look how high the water will go!

When she was finished, she trucked over and told me her boots were wet.  So we took them off.  Then the socks had to come off too because they were dripping.  And after that, the pants were history too.  Off she went in her shirt and underwear and I had a déjà vu moment.  JMumbo spent half his childhood wandering around with no pants on.

It was such fun and I assured the dad that I would clean up the toys, just head home and enjoy your kids.  Because you get so caught up in the day to day when they are little; the diapers, feeding them, cleaning up after them, watching constantly for anything that might hurt them, that you miss it.  A little one comes along and spends a few hours with you, and you take your camera out and take 25 shots of her because you were too busy being mom to take them of your own.  Wistfully you think back to how you would have done it differently as you assure the newer parent that it was fun and please let’s do it again.


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