The Double Edged Sword

Vacation, it’s a double edged sword.  I get excited about having a week off and time to actually work on all my “projects”, but then I begin to set things aside “to do when I have more time on vacation”.  Before I know it, I have a list a mile long and I’m wondering how I will get it all done in a mere 5 days.  None of the tasks are monumental.  I’m not trying to repaint the house or strip the kitchen cabinets.  It’s the little things.  Putting the rest of the Christmas decorations away, picking up the debris scattered throughout the house, washing various athletic gear and storing it until next season, dropping the bag of books off at the library.  Little things.

The little things add up.

Of course vacation also means the kids are home because with a job tied to the school system, my days off are their days off.  Their social lives must be addressed.  Who will come to play with JMumbo? Can I line up 5 friends, one for each day, that will keep him busy and happy?  Will the prodigal daughter ever leave her room?  If she does leave her room, will it mean I must drive her somewhere?

You have to figure in the appointments too.  Vacation is the perfect time to schedule dentist appointments, haircuts, major shopping trips to Sam’s Club.  because you don’t have to wait until after school hours.  You can get it all done and be home to relax.

Relaxation.  The other half of vacation.  Knowing if I don’t finish making the spaghetti sauce today, I still have tomorrow to work on it.  Sitting down and figuring out how to create a pattern in a throw I am crocheting.  Watching all seven episodes of Downton Abbey on Netflix because Colleen told me I would love it, and she was right.  Posting to my blog! Working on ideas for Sunday School before Sunday morning.  Visiting my parents while my brother is there too so the kids can all hang out together.  Taking a deep breath and then another.

This vacation has moved slower than most.  I wake up terrified it’s Monday and the vacation is over, to breathe a sigh of relief that it’s only Wednesday.  I need this pace right now.  As I grasp the pommel of the double edged sword, I remember that for every slash that slices into my life, there is a parry that heals.


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