Take us to Defcon 1

The stomach bug is going around.  It hits most people with 5 – 7 hours of intimate time with a toilet bowl and then leaves them worn out for another day.  In the elementary school, kids are dropping like flies and the adults live in fear of being hit.

Coach has been sick off and on since before Christmas.  First a stuffy nose, then congestion, and finally an upset stomach for over a week.  It rolls and makes him squeamish, but no dates with the toilet bowl.  I was afraid it was getting me the beginning of the week, but I was mistaken.  It wasn’t the stomach bug, but what ever it was made my head ache, which made my stomach queasy.  I came home early the last two days and took today off to go to the doctor.  The prognosis was a sinus infection.  I picked up my antibiotics and went back to drinking hot tea. I should be right as rain by Friday at the latest.

My best friends the last 3 days.

So why are we at Defcon 1?  Because mom was sick.  This is not allowed.  Moms don’t get sick.  They take care of everyone else who might be sick.  If mom is sick, who will make dinner?  Who will help JMumbo with his math homework?  Who will pick the prodigal daughter up from cheerleading practice?  Who will scoop the ice cream?  What about the laundry?  How will we function?!?!

This is why I took the day off and visited the doctor.  The family was at the limit of their endurance after two days.  Coach only made dinner one of those days, and he was wiped out.  He made chili mac.  I already had the mac and cheese base done, left over from another dinner.  He added the ground beef, tomato sauce, and some extra cheese.  I think Food Network is going to be calling any day now, and he will definitely have his own show.  Maybe they’ll call it, “Making Dinner with your Wife’s Leftovers and a lot of Help”.  He checked with me every 5 minutes while putting it together.  Which bowl to use?  How to layer the ingredients?  To grease the pan or not to grease the pan?  How long to cook it?  It would have been easier for me to just cook it.

I’m on the mend, I even made dinner tonight for the kids and myself.  The headache is receding, and I am hoping for a pain-free awakening tomorrow.

We’re back to Defcon 5.


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