Uncoiffed and rumpled, that’s me

I’m not the kind of mom who looks good all the time.  I sometimes wish I was that mom, the one whose hair looks great on the beach and in the rain, who always wears the right outfit, or has nifty nails.  I would love my make-up to look perfect on a regular basis, but it just doesn’t happen.

I’m more the mom who colors her own hair and ends up trimming all her nails because about the time they are all the same length, one breaks off way down the cuticle.  It starts a domino effect which results in all of them being cut off to prevent more painful breakage.  My nail polish lasts about 3 days, except on my toenails, which grow like crazy and keep the polish.  I don’t understand it and have quit trying to.

This week I splurged and had my hair colored by a professional.  I was hoping that would mean the color would last longer than a few weeks before reverting to a lighter color that really doesn’t match my roots.  I love the way it turned out.  She put one basic color in and some high and low lights.  It matches the roots, covered the gray, and looks natural, probably much better than it would have if allowed to grow out on its own.  But that wasn’t the best part.  It was being pampered for a few hours.  Having someone else wash my hair and take care of it.  Knowing that I spent twice the time it would have taken at home, but being able to relax while the color set instead of running around the house taking care of things while wiping the drips off my neck.  Time to take a deep breath and not think for a while.  I needed that this week and enjoyed every moment of it.

I’m not a big spa and pamper kind of mom, but think this is something that needs to happen more often.


One thought on “Uncoiffed and rumpled, that’s me

  1. Well it sounds like it’s high time you started pampering yourself…it’s nice to have those indulges…I’m not a shopaholic, nor do I eat at fancy restaurants…but I DO make monthly hair appts where I get pampered…if I were state side I would visit the nail salon twice a month for my fingers and toes – even when short…it’s good to indulge! I say Kudos and when’s your next appointment?!

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