Grad Class Shake Down

I’m taking a grad class and it is almost over. This is good because I feel like the rabbit in the race, no matter how fast I run, I can’t catch up. I have resigned myself to a B in the class, which is killing me because unlike undergrad. I am compelled to be an overachiever and get A’s. It wasn’t happening this time because that ridiculous other job I have, the mommy/wife one, kept getting in the way. Don’t they understand I need to read and write, not cook dinner? Can’t they go and forage? We are surrounded by fields, there has to be something out there they can eat.

The sleeping piece doesn’t help either. My 40+ year old body does not do late nights well. It protests after about 3 midnights in a row and no amount of coffee is going to rev the engine enough. The worst is that if I actually manage to stay awake until 11, I can’t go to sleep for another hour or so, but I can’t think logically anymore either. I have caught up on all my Hawaii 5-O episodes and if I have to be awake that late, watching Steve McGarrett run all over Oahu works for me.
Back to the grind. I will conquer this class, even if it means that I sleep walk through a few days. The only other pressing need this week is modifying a coat into a cape for Joedo the Hobbit’s Halloween costume. Something I can work on at midnight a few nights while enjoying some Hawaiian sun and sand.


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