A Few Thoughts…

1. Forget Universal Health Care, I want a candidate who is for Universal Women’s Clothing Sizing.  I couldn’t find two pair of pants the same size that fit the same if my life depended on it.  They can even be from the same company and fit differently.  And FYI, I don’t know if I am a Traditional, Relaxed, or Modern fit.  Nor am I sure if I am a Jackie or an Audrey.  At this point, I would enjoy having clothes that fit like Jackie or Audrey’s, especially if it meant my body looked like theirs, but what would really make me happy is to find some underwear that fits this forty + year old body and doesn’t bag or sag.  My body does enough of that on its own, it doesn’t need any help.

2. Two ten-year old’s and a bunch of college kids with vuvuzelas rooting for the PSU women’s soccer team equals a grin the size of Cleveland.  I love college kids.  It’s the whole “opportunity to be all that I can be, in whatever way it works” that does it for me.  I remember that being one of the best parts of college, I got to be me, just me.  Not the administrator’s daughter, not someone’s sister, not the responsible class treasurer.  Just me.  When the college student showed up Sunday dressed as a pirate and stood next to the kid in the full blue and white body suit, it just proved the point.  And JMumbo thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Learn the lesson my son, let your inner pirate out and play a Disney medley on the vuvuzela once in a while.

3. Even a short visit with an old friend in a familiar place can make a harried day better.  He’s the master puppeteer, gently tugging the strings to see what happens and the dutiful uncle showing up at Little League Football and wondering what all the fuss is about.  (You never know, a scout may show up unexpectedly and recruit one of those eight year olds for the pros)  He’s always made me laugh and even though we are James Carville and Mary Matalin when it comes to politics, I know there is respect for my thoughts.  And sometimes I surprise even him with my ability to summarize a situation succinctly with a shrug of my shoulders.  (How’s that for some alliteration and SAT words all together?)  So thanks for the smiles in between my meat transport drives.  (That’s what we do in the country.  We drive over an hour each way on a Monday night to pick up our Christmas present of beef, ham, and chickens from our parents.  I’m either from Deliverance or Jeb Clampett should look out.)



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