Dinner Table Discourse

If you have ever had dinner with two boys, you know that there is no predicting what will come out of their mouths.  Tonight was no exception.

JMumbo had a friend over.  He was being picked up after his big brother’s soccer game, so I made macaroni and cheese for dinner.  M&M’s buddy was crestfallen when she found out, she loves my mac and cheese.  (That’s why we like her best, better than the prodigal daughter sometimes.  Of course she goes home too and the prodigal daughter stays.)  I figured it was a safe bet, what kid doesn’t like mac and cheese?  And the friend wasn’t a picky eater.

Apparently my mac and cheese was not what he expected.  We were sitting eating and he quietly said, “This is the worst macaroni.”

I looked at him and said, “What?”

“Oh…I forgot you were there!”  he said, laughing.

“So, what was wrong with it?”  I expected the shape of the macaroni, the crumbled chips on the top.

“There’s too much cheese.” He said this with a serious expression.  Too much cheese.

What can you do but laugh?  So I did, while reminding him it wasn’t named Macaroni and CHEESE just for kicks and giggles.

Later M&M and JMumbo were showing off their good manners by insulting each other.  M&M called JMumbo a freakezoid.  His response?  “Is that like a trapezoid?”

High level dinner discourse at our house.


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