A quick apology. My life took over and I couldn’t seem to catch up. Now that the traveling is done, I can spend some time sharing my adventures with you. I also have become obsessed with the TV show Friday Night Lights. It is all Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Lady’s fault. She mentioned it in her blog and I happened to find it on Netflix. Then I discovered that I could watch Netflix on the laptop while Coach was watching baseball on the TV. It was all over. I stayed up late every night watching several episodes in a row. Streaming video is a wonderful thing. No commercials, no waiting for next week. I was sucked in. I am hoping the next season comes into the library today so I can continue. I have to say, Ree steered me right. I love the relationship between the husband and wife.
I promise not to let it take over too much.


One thought on “Confessions

  1. I LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!! I got into it on Netflix, too!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Since i finished that and they felt the need to cancel it…butts…I am now starting “Mad Men”, which is pretty good, so far…saying this after watching two episodes…..enjoy FNL!!!
    Love you Honey!!

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