Closet Mania

Have you ever cleaned out a preteen girl’s closet?  I have for several years now.  It never gets better.  I spent part of my morning doing just that.  I did smarten up this year and have her sort it out ahead of time.  Then we went through the “rejects”.  Some were too small, some were hand me downs that she didn’t like, and some were clothes that she HAD to have, but never wore.  She argues that she wore them, but once doesn’t count in my book.

We do this every spring and end of summer.  The spring is easier because most of the clothing we pass on she has outgrown.  The end of summer is the tough one.  Many sighs from both parties accompany this expedition.  M&M sighs because her ridiculous mother doesn’t understand that these clothes belong to last year’s look and couldn’t possibly be worn again in the new season.  Please understand we live in a small town that averages a two to three year lag behind the fashion world.  A place where flannel never goes out of fashion and steel toed boots are a work necessity, not a fashion statement.  Fashion to the prodigal daughter is related to Quinn on Glee and what the Sunday flyers advertise for teens.

Mom is just tired of spending money on clothes that we don’t really want or need, but fulfill the desire of all 12 – 18 years old, BUY ME SOMETHING!  They don’t always care what it is and sometimes what appears just right in Florida, a cute embroidered skirt and embellished tank style top, doesn’t work in the world of snow and ice.  So she wears it twice at Disney World, brings it home, and hangs it in the closet, where it migrates slowly to the back until it is unearthed in the end of summer haul out.  Then we argue about it.

“Nothing matches it.” states the prodigal daughter.  No blue in her closet that looks like an ocean because of the BLUE tops hanging there.  No yellow like in the striped tank top that must belong to someone else.  NOTHING to match a WHITE skirt.  Hhmmmm…

I give up and three bags later have a nice assortment of clothing for the friends we share with.  Her closet still has more clothes in it than mine and Coach is worried that she doesn’t have enough.  *sigh*


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