Going Whole Hogwarts

The birthday party is today.  The only thing JMumbo really wanted for his birthday this year.  A party with his friends with a Harry Potter theme.  How do you say no to that?  He even made the invitations, complete with pictures from the various trailers and some interesting cartoons he found online.  The front says, “A party with magic and squirt guns.”  Who wouldn’t want to go to this party?  All that is left is to create a Harry Potter party atmosphere.  This is my job.  I planned on serving pizza or chicken nuggets, not very Hogwarts-like, but I can’t see 10 year old boys going for bangers and mash or haggis on the fly.  I bought a slip and slide for fun, mine and theirs because watching kids on a slip and slide is oh so fun.  Coach was charged with picking up Potter themed plates and cups, which I will have to call and remind him of during his RV research trip with his dad.  All that is left is the creation of the cake.

I could go buy one already decorated, but JMumbo requested a homemade cake.  I could be the perfect mom and make it from scratch, but knowing I have to do something with it that resembles Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I am using a mix.  I am not new to cake decorating.  My kids love testing my abilities in this area asking for:


Darth Vader

a Clone Trooper

and other fun things that I can’t say no to.

My mom had little cake pans for my brother and I when we were kids, so we each had a mini cake for ourselves.  Sharing a birthday meant a lot of “family” parties, so your own cake was a big deal.  They may come into service today in my efforts to recreate Hogwarts in cake form.  I think that is the best bet because even my abilities might be tested drawing Harry, Ron, and Hermoine in icing.  The gray icing will be a challenge, but I may be able to create a blue-gray color that will satisfy.  I can’t see it equaling this cake that JMumbo found on the internet:But I will do my best.

The reality is, once the first cut is made, no one is going to remember what the cake looked like but me.  Ten year old boys just don’t have that long an attention span.


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