Farm Fun

Last weekend we visited my uncle’s farm.  You never know what you are going to find when you go, new pigs or tractors, or maybe turkey pullets, which my uncle informed me are dumber than chickens.  Chickens are not the brightest animals, but apparently turkeys really take the cake.  My uncle told us they spent three days pecking at the ground, looking for their food, when actually they had walked over and through it multiple times in the process.  That is one dumb bird.

They have a rooster too.  Some of the regular visitors to the farm call him Bob.  Bob has lived there a few years and has twisted feet.  Even with the foot impediment, he manages to wander all over the farm.  He greets the people who stop to buy eggs at the egg house, appearing behind them when they turn from paying for the eggs, essentially trapping them in the shed.  One lady won’t get out of her car until they remove the rooster.  She says she’s not afraid of the dogs, but the rooster terrifies her.

Bob isn’t really terrifying.  He’s a big rooster, but just wants to hang out where the action is.  You can even pet him.  He especially likes his waddle stroked.  If you are not familiar with rooster anatomy, a waddle is the red thing that hangs down below the beak.  (I added this because I know what “stroking a waddle” sounds like.  I work with HS kids, I know where some minds went with this.)

This is Coach giving Bob the rooster a little love. See how still Bob is when the waddle stroking is going on?  It’s like it hypnotizes him or something.

And JMumbo got in on the act also.  He was a bit hesitant at first, but he and Bob were best buds by the end of the weekend.

The farmhouse has other fun creatures.  Meera the cat lives in the bathroom.  She sits on the dresser to the left of the door as you enter.  If you are lucky she’ll peek around the corner so you have some warning. otherwise she just pops out at you when you come in the door, scaring your pants off.  Sometimes she sits under the curtain in the window next to the toilet.  And climbs down into your lap while you pee.  Once I trapped her on the back of the toilet.  I don’t think she ever touches the floor, which makes me wonder how she gets to the counter where her food is.  Yep, her food is on the counter, which makes sense because otherwise the boxer eats it.  Forrest doesn’t care if it is dog or cat food.  Kind of like Augie, the black lab, but Augie eats anything including whole chicken carcasses.

The farm has always had funny animals.  Pigs that play with bowling balls and sit up begging for stale rolls.  Dogs that fall in oversized gopher holes.  Steer that play games by pushing you around the pen.  It doesn’t matter when you show up, there’s always a story related to an animal, like a kitten who looks like it stuck its paw in a light socket because all its fur stuck straight out from its body.


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