Does anybody know what time it is?

I love that song by Chicago.  Especially the line that follows, “does anybody care?”.  I am always wishing for a day where it doesn’t matter what time it is because I really don’t have a schedule.  I think JMumbo and the prodigal daughter have found those days this summer, but they are still eluding me.  It may be the crazy schedule of soccer and baseball games that intrudes on the joys of careless days.

Take today.  I was up and going early so I could water the garden.  We haven’t had rain in about 3 weeks.  Even the weeds are starting to droop.  When the weeds droop, you know it is dry.  I am trying to spread out the watering to the various gardens, but with six to tend to, I just don’t have enough hose.  Once the watering was set, I checked the email and this blog.  A lovely comment from my mom gave me a smile.  Made JMumbo waffles for breakfast and sent him on his way to rec.  This is all before 9:00 am.

I am supposed to be working on a slide show for the family reunion next weekend, but was distracted by all the photos that aren’t on flash drives.  I have a flash drive obsession.  I own 9 and have them all neatly labeled.  I don’t have enough for the photos I took pre-2008, and it bothers me.  Then I began gathering photos for the other family reunion in August.  Can you say “scattered” today?  I think some of it had to do with the Lia Sophia jewelry party I was supposed to have tonight.  Supposed to being the operative words here.  I had less than 10 hours to party time and a grand total of two confirmed guests, one of which was me!  I cancelled the party.  It wasn’t worth the stress.

You may be thinking this opened my day for a timeless day, but I replaced the party with a baseball tournament.  So I am still on a schedule and it’s already 2:20 in the afternoon.  I don’t feel like I have accomplished much today.  Maybe I’ll take the rest of the time off and sit in the sun and read my book.  Be like that Jimmy Buffett song with the watch with no hands.  The one that just reads “now”.  Because that is what summer is really all about isn’t it?


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