Who is that guy?

The majority of my summer trips are to visit family and revolve around reunions.  I’m the person who gets all gushy about family and hanging out with them.  I love sitting listening to the older generation (which according to my kids I think I may be a part of) tell stories and watching the kids get to know cousins all over again.  The reunion in Altoona is a long standing tradition with the kids and I.  It is my maternal grandmother’s family and when you put together nine brothers and sisters progeny, that adds up to quite a gathering.  This year my cousin Don asked about my husband.  Coach doesn’t usually come, he is busy with work and we tend to make a long weekend of the trip.  He has attended in the past and made quite an impression on the family, because they ask about him every year.  (My maternal grandmother loved him too right from the get-go.  We’re still working on figuring that one out, she never likes anyone that quickly.  Sometimes she liked him better than she liked all of us, but that might have been the French Toast he made her for breakfast.)

Don’s comment was, “Is your husband still around?  I read about the kids in your posts, but nothing about him.”  It made me think back and realize I don’t write much about Coach.  I really can’t say why either.  It’s been sitting in my brain ever since Don made the comment and every time I sit down to write, he hides on me.

Who is Coach?  He’s a lot of things.  He’s a coach (obviously) and a referee.  He has coached boys and girls high school teams; soccer, basketball, and softball/baseball.  He referees soccer and women’s basketball.  Three levels of women’s basketball;  high school, junior college, and Division III.  It keeps him busy and he really loves it, which is good because he’s not a big fan of his job.  In fact he has a countdown to retirement going.  He is quicker with the numbers than a graduating senior when it comes to how much time is left.

He loves his kids and is discovering that JMumbo likes history as much, if not more, than Coach does.  If there is a battlefield somewhere along our trip route, we are detouring through it.  The only one not terribly pleased with this is the prodigal daughter.  (Sometimes I really question if she was switched at birth, and then I see myself pop out)  The latest quest is to rent an RV and go traveling in it.  Understand, Coach gets a bit claustrophobic, so I am not sure where he is sleeping, but the kids and I will have fun.

Last night while chatting with our neighbor I found out he had been white water rafting.  If you know Coach, this will surprise you as much as it did me.  He just doesn’t seem the type.  And that happens quite often, something will come up in conversation and I am learning something new about the guy I married.  It’s fun knowing there are things still to discover.

Right now we are into summer soccer with the kids and finishing up some Little League baseball with JMumbo.  I coach the soccer for many reasons, but that is another post for another day.  Tonight he will head off to referee summer basketball and come home tired and happy.  We are thinking about visiting Cooperstown, in an RV of course.

Who is Coach?  A guy who I am still discovering after 13 years, which makes the adventure that much more exciting.


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