WNY Weather

If you live in Western New York, you spend a lot of time obsessing about the weather.  The Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario really play havoc  with any systems that move in, especially from the south and west.  They are truly large and in charge.  To add to the lake phenomenon, I live at the bottom and to the east of a gorge fondly referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the East”.  Any weather coming across it changes because of the distance down into the gorge and the moisture of the river running at the bottom.  It can stop or increase snow, change it to rain or hail, and deny us rain altogether.  When we lived on the hill, you could watch the weather system run right down the valley, not a mile away, and never feel a drop.

This has been a winter of cold and wet.  Late snows, when daffodils and tulips  should be growing, but are covered in a foot of snow.  No lie, we had a foot the third week of March.  A FOOT.  It was snowing last night on the hill while the valley had rain.  That kind of weather gives a whole new meaning to April showers and May flowers.

Today the sun is shining and the thermometer reads over 60.  And I’ll take it, because it means JMumbo can put on his gum boots, shoulder his gun, and head out to patrol the house, keeping me safe from any Rebel soldiers that may be lurking about.


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