Last Day of March, WNY

Here we are, the last day of March. I can’t remember if it came in like a lion or a lamb, but am beginning to suspect the lion is leading the charge to April.

This bluebird is wondering the same thing a lot of us are right now…

What were we thinking living in WNY?

It’s the Great Lakes.  They really mess with the weather, taunting us with warmer days and sunshine, just to drop this on us the end of March.  And it won’t really end until the end of May.  Everyone here knows you plant annuals at your own risk before Memorial Day.  Odds are, if you do, BAM!  There will be a frosting icing on what used to be impatiens, and are now soggy, black sludge the next morning.

One bright note, my crocus ignore the weather and keep on trucking.  And I have two different shades of purple this year. 

So I know Spring is coming.  Bluebirds and crocus to prove it.  I just have to survive a bit more snow.


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