Howdy Fellow Campers

For several years I have blogged on Shutterfly’s wonderful site.  It was great because it allowed me to post photos, create different sections, and play around with my writing in a safe, beginner environment.  For a few months I have been considering heading out of my sheltered blog world and see what happens. Several friends have recently started blogs and when the one who originally turned me onto Shutterfly stepped out, I decided it may be time.  Having both kids spend several days home sick gave me the time to play around and set it up also.

I admire women who blog and am grateful because many of them are moms like me, trying to figure out how motherhood really works in the 21st century.  I am a Gen. Xer, one of those confused individuals who was raised on Disney movies and Laura Ingalls Wilder books, then thrust  into a society that wanted me to challenge myself to “be all that I could be”, conquering the corporate world just like the men.  That’s all fine and dandy, and I respect everything Gloria Steinem did for women’s equality, but she never had kids who expect you to help them  with their homework (ie how much can they get mom to do), have dinner ready by 5:30 every night, and run a personal delivery service of themselves and belongings to various locations within a 20 mile radius.  It complicates that whole “rise to the top” piece.  Some of us really like being moms.  Some of us, more than you would think, wish we could be June Cleaver vacuuming the house in her pearls.  We want to be waiting at home with warm cookies and cold milk for our kids to get off the bus.  Reading mommy blogs helps me reconcile my shortcomings in this area by realizing I am not alone.

Will this be a mommy blog?  Sometimes, but we moms are complex creatures who wear many hats.  So come over, sit around the campfire and roast a marshmallow or two.  Maybe even make a s’more and sing a song.  I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune, I can’t either, but camp songs are all about singing it loud and proud, with your whole heart behind it.  We’ll tell some stories and share some laughs, and hopefully go home realizing we aren’t alone.


4 thoughts on “Howdy Fellow Campers

  1. Ok, I’m excited about this new adventure! Maybe I will do a better job of staying in touch with you this way. It’s been way too long 🙂

  2. You go girl.  I have always found writing to not only be a way of friendly communication but it’s good for what ails you.  For me it’s a way to let go of any stress and share the joys and sorrows. (please remember I make no excuses for puncution, misspelled wirds and lack of quoats)  Sometimes when I go back in years and look at what I wrote it surprises that whatever was so funny or so important was actually only funny or important at that point in time.  Remember to save everything.  I have a feeling that beautiful girl of yours will want to follow in your foot steps.  Can we still fight?  Don’t forget me when you become the next..ok no one could really fill her shoes…but.. Erma Bombeck………my sanity back in the day when Gloria was telling me I should want to do it all.  I didn’t! It seems easy to poo poo her now but when it was all going on we moms had a very difficult time defending our choice. I chose to be a professional Mom and was fortunate enough to be able to do it.

    • I could never forget you Carol. You are one of my inspirations! And of course we can still fight! It’s what makes life worth living 🙂 Thanks for the thoughts.

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